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February 2014

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just finished watching the Sean and Catherine wedding special. i got teary eyed a few times lol. such a beautiful ceremony. they will be together forever. i could tell, they are completely in love. i saved it on my DVR for nights i wanna stare at Sean some more lol. he is a beautiful man. Catherine is really pretty too...they will have hot babies lol. i wish i could be born again and go down the path of being the bachelorette lol it looks unbelievable. its surreal that someone could find their mate on that show. all those romantic trips...its a fairytale. lucky lucky people who get chosen to have a shot at that life.
why does everyone elses relationship seem so perfect? i just struggle with mine. wheres my fucking fairytale lol. ugh. i have a headache. bye.


Baby ANYONE could fall "in love" when a TV crew sets up perfect dates with romantic settings. No one is putting in actual effort to make those said dates romantic, just sitting there enjoying what someone else put together. Put those people in real life situations and things would be totally different. Let this bachelor go to one of these chicks apartments/houses after working over 60 hours in one week and see how romantic that is. LoL I'm sure their living conditions won't be so pretty. What's real love and romantic is being able to hold down a household together, like you and I yesterday. Cleaning together was nice and I know not exactly romantic but it was nice looking at all we accomplished and then went out for the day and spent time together. Now that I'm financially doing better you and I are going to be going on some romantic get aways. Just you wait! LoL :)