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February 2014

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things i do for you.

have a lot on my mind and wanted to jot down some of the things i am useful for in this relationship. since the world seems to think im nuts lol.

-laundry, i do both our stuff on tuesdays.
-vacuuming/dusting/house stuff on thursdays..it has to get done, i do it.
- cooking, not everyday but im the main one who does the cooking.
- i take the dog out, make it so that she can go to work and class and not have to worry about the dog. not to mention on vacations, or spend the night out, or anything. if i didnt care for this dog she wouldnt of been able to work down the shore for that year. that or dublin would have been miserable and waiting 15 hours to go out.
- finances, pay everything online, look into everything, take care of everything.
- make her lunch everyday. small but effective.
- take trash out, bring trash cans in. change trash etc.
-her sidekick to almost everything, concerts, events, family, going to the store. things i dont always wanna do but do it cause she hates doing anything alone.
-refill her vitamins lol small but effective.
-dishes, sweeping up after the dog every night since she makes a mess of her food, every night.

i cant think of anything else haha..but im sure on occasion there is more. but these are constant daily things i do to make her life easier. she does some of this stuff to here and there and then some. sometimes i need to remind myself that im not completely useless ;)


You're my rock... :)